Miogroup offers one of the most complete and innovative service portfolios in the market thanks to its investment in the development of new technologies, its commitment to talent and its commitment to promote knowledge and innovative initiatives among its teams.

A commitment that gives Miogroup a unique position in the market.

Own technologies

One of the Group’s competitive advantages is the acquisition and development of exclusive technology that arises from the proposal and development of our own teams, which allows us to offer differential and value-added services to our customers. Among them, the following stand out:

A technology owned by the Group since 2017 when it acquired the assets of Ad-Pure, a company that had developed technology to personalize digital marketing campaigns according to events and that was able to detect a given TV commercial and automatically synchronize campaigns on internet advertising media. The Spoon technology allows live multichannel campaigns focused on improving conversion rates to be carried out and measured.

This software was developed for five years by Ad-Pure and then internally for an additional year.

Spoon optimizes the client’s investment by generating direct response stimuli after a given TV advertisement. In this way, the real impact of the campaign can be measured in a short period of time.

In 2019, Spoon incorporates the ability to perform advanced online and offline attribution models, in order to provide information to the client on the return that TV and radio campaigns generate through traceability at the digital point of sale or in its contact center (call center).

In-house developed tool that works as an aggregator of services that adds a business intelligence rules engine.

We capture information from various media: audiences, internet searches, website visits, clicks on online ads, user profiles with specific interests… To create value-added services for the client such as media planning, optimizing the cost in certain spaces and times, managing the scoring of leads, to classify users according to affinities and audience enrichment.

The marketplace that connects advertisers with influencers and dynamizers, where they give control of their accounts to MioGroup, which acts as an intermediary to create the content, audit and optimize its publication according to the channel, advertiser and audiences.

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